Current Graduate Students

Doris Voina

Doris Voina is a PhD candidate in Applied Mathematics at the University of Washington working with Eric Shea-Brown from UW and Stefan Mihalas from the Allen Institute for Brain Science. Prior to UW, Doris did her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics at Princeton University and was a Research Assistant there after graduation, working with Philip Holmes, Jonathan Cohen, and Naomi Leonard on models of decision-making in the brain and in groups of individuals. Her research concerns flexible neural architectures in vision, specifically how they are implemented in the brain, but also in artificial neural architectures. When not thinking about Computational Neuroscience, Doris enjoys the many hikes in the Pacific Northwest where she can recharge.

Si Jia Li

Si Jia Li is a graduate student at the department of Bioengineering, advised by Prof. Amy Orsborn. Prior to UW,  he received his Bachelor of Applied Science in Bioengineering from the University of Toronto and his master’s degree in computer science from Queen’s University (Canada).  His master’s research was on ultrasound detection of prostate cancer. For his PhD studies, his research interests are neuroengineering, brain computer interfaces (BCI), and learning. Specifically, he is analyzing brain recordings using machine learning, dimensionality, and connectivity methods. Modelling and understanding these recordings could shed light on motor learning mechanisms in the brain. His work could also potentially help develop BCI with better performance and bridge the gap between experiments and computational neuroscience theories.

Dennis Tabuena

Dennis is a PhD candidate in the Neuroscience Program, advised by William Moody in the Department of Biology. Prior to UW, he graduated from UC Merced with a BS in Bioengineering and from San Francisco State University with an MS in Physiology. In between he spent time at Gilead Sciences as a senior research associate. Dennis’ current work focuses on the role sleep plays in regulating early synchronous activity in the developing cortex of neonatal mice.

Tony Bigelow

Tony is a PhD candidate in the Neuroscience Program, advised by Anitha Pasupathy in the Department of Biological Structure. Tony graduated with a BS in Neuroscience from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. During his time at the U of M, he worked in the lab of Karen Mesce investigating how locomotor networks rearrange after injury to regain motor function. His research at UW is focused on the mammalian visual system. In particular, he is interested in understanding how form and motion signals combine in the visual system allowing us to track dynamic objects in natural environments. Apart from neuroscience, Tony also enjoys cooking, baking bread, and running.

Benjamin Chasnov

Aaron Garcia